Galicia - The revolution of wines

Situated in the wet, northwestern corner of the Iberian Peninsula, Galicia is one of the most active wine regions in Spain. You can feel a new-wave atmosphere, where innovation is welcomed without turning their backs on tradition. Based on terroir and unique indigenous grapes, Galician wines are nowadays considered among some of Spain’s best, and are already receiving well-deserved international recognition.

Celts and Romans imprint Galicia is Celtic Spain. Its name is believed to reference the ancient Celtic mother goddess, Cailleach (“Calaicia” in Latin). The Celtic origins of Galicia are still felt today, particularly in the region's music and culture.

Through the Roman occupation of Galicia new technologies and trade partners were brought to the area. It also led to a higher knowledge of viticulture, and foreign vines which began being planted alongside local, wild Vitis sylvestris vines which, in turn, gave rise to new indigenous varieties.


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