Mosel – the home of the finest Rieslings

Mosel is the most prominent of the German wine regions and Mosel Riesling the most famed of all German wines. The German part of Mosel stretches from the border with France and Luxemburg to the Rhine river at Koblenz. Winemaking in Mosel and in particular around the town of Trier (Germanys oldest city) dates back to Roman times, and the second century.

Mosel is renowned for its steep vineyards with more than half the vineyards growing on inclines of more than 30 degrees, with some even exceeding 50 degrees.

The steep inclines increase the sun exposure and this – in combination with the slate soils which heat up very quickly when exposed to the sun – makes fully ripened grapes possible, even at this geographically northern location. A further benefit of the combination of steep inclines and slate soils is exceptional drainage – just perfect for the Riesling and other varietals that do not like to get their feet wet.

The perfect conditions and hardworking winemakers make for some of the finest Riesling in the world.


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