Nahe – the land of soils

The Nahe wine region is located in between the Mosel and Pfalz wine regions, in the area around the Rhein River tributary. The Nahe wine region is not very big – about a fifth of the vineyard area of Pfalz and a bit more than half that of Mosel – but what makes Nahe so special is the extraordinary number of soil types. They tell a tale of the region's volcanic past.

In the early days Nahe was disregarded as a wine region. Here it took the Roman settlers some 500 years longer than in other present-day German areas to begin vineyard cultivation. Once started, however, and all the way up to the 19th century, Nahe was renowned for producing some of the finest wines in Germany. From there Nahe – because of wars and economic hardship – winemaking all but stopped.

Then in the past 30 years came an astounding resurrection, tied in large part to the growing popularity of great German Rieslings among wine lovers.

It is interesting to note that craft winemaking has always been more apparent in Nahe than in most other German wine regions. It was because of this that Nahe fell behind in the 20th century when other German wine regions industrialized – but it is also because of this historic focus on smaller volume crafted wines that Nahe has been able to rise up once more.


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