Borgo del Tiglio

The winery was founded in 1981 by the current owner, Nicola Manferrari. Borgo del Tiglio mainly produces white wines but it also produces reds from the Merlot variety. Borgo del Tiglio produces wine from three parcels located in the DOC Collio area. It is one of the most prestigious areas for white wines in Italy and it consists of a small hill chain located on the most eastern limb of Northern Italy. 

Great attention is given to safeguarding the soils, both during the arrangement of the terrains and during their management. Fertilizations are avoided, the soils are grass-covered, and specific agronomical techniques are adopted in order to pursue a “magical” natural balance that allows the emergence of even the faintest nuance linked to the site. This implies particularly small yields. Harvesting, which is rigorously carried out manually to avoid damaging the grape, is carried out through an attentive selection that starts when the grape is still on the vine.

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