Champagne – Behind the sparkling favourite

The story of Champagne goes all the way back to the 14th century when monks produced wines for church ceremonies. It is disputed whether champagne was made intentionally or if the golden bubbles came about by accident.

Either way the first bubbles were a result of dormant yeast being reactivated, when – after bottling and cellaring in autumn – temperatures sprung up in the spring causing a second fermentation in the closed bottle, leading to carbonation. And voila! Méthode Champenoise was “invented”.

The art of Champagne promptly became fashionable due to the coronation of French royals and other celebrations in Champagne’s regional capital of Reims – and visiting royal guests spread the word about the majestic French bubbles to the rest of Europe.

Today Champagne continues to be associated with celebrations – and for good reason. Any proper celebration deserves some great bubbles!


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