Sicily - a crossroad of influences

The biggest island in the Mediterranean basin, Sicily has a unique variety of nature, everything a traveller may need. The magnificence of its monuments was noted by Goethe: 'Sicily reminds me of Asia and Africa; to find oneself in its wonderful heart where so many rays of the universal history converge, it's no small thing”. In Sicily there is around 930kms of coastline with over 100 beaches, each with very different characteristics.

Vines grew spontaneously in Sicily long before the arrival of the Greeks and many grapes were introduced by the Phoenicians. During the 19th century, the famous Marsala, helped their entire wine industry to develop considerably.

The revival of the vineyards was destroyed by phylloxera and it stagnated by the mid-50s. In this time-lapse the market changed and the demand for blended wines decreased. This situation forced the producers to shift their focus towards that quality. Today, eno-gastronomic tours to discover the area are increasingly requested and appreciated.


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