Lombardia – the fashionable wine

A region known for fashion and finance rather than for viticulture, spite the regions production of two of the most popular Italian wines: Franciacorta and Valtellina. Located in central-north Italy, Lombardy is home to some of the country’s most beautiful lakes and the cooling influence of the Alps makes this area a sparkling wine haven.

Lombardy is one of the largest Italian regions and around half of the territory extends over a large flat area. Compared to the main mountain ranges, the Prealps are arranged in a north-south direction and are characterized by the presence of numerous lakes.

Only part of Lombardy's agricultural land is favourable to viticulture with good pedoclimatic conditions which are suited to the cultivation of grapes; in some of these production areas, such as Oltrepò Pavese, Franciacorta and Valtellina, the standard of quality is higher and, thanks to modern winemaking techniques, the wines are of an outstanding quality, constituting a flagship of Italian enology worldwide.

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