Piemonte – the art of winemaking

Piemonte – meaning the foot of the mountains (Alpes) – is located in northern Italy is best known for its Barolo and Barbaresco wines made on the Nebbiolo grape. Despite that, these renowned blends only account for 3% of the Piemonte' total wine production. SEE NOTES BELOW

Winemaking in Piemonte goes back more than 3000 years with both the Greeks and Romans helping to develop the viticulture in this part of Italy. Back then wine would mature in ceramic amphora sealed by a layer of olive oil to act as a seal to prevent oxidation.

Much has happened since then but in Piemonte it is always clear that today's winemakers stand on the shoulders of those that came before – and interestingly the ceramic amphora is beginning to find its way back into the making of high-quality wines, called “a mano” by local winemakers.

Obviously, the olive oil as seal to prevent oxidation is no longer used. But the ceramic amphora provides a neutral environment for wine to develop and mature. It is for this reason that craft winemakers practicing minimum intervention winemaking are returning to old practises and roots.


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